Engineering a data-driven liquidity layer for the ocean freight markets.

Oceanus intends to secure partnerships with Securities Exchanges, Financial Institutions, and Maritime Authorities which share its collective vision of introducing blockchain to shipping and ocean freight markets.

We are already in private equity sale until September 30.

We navigate decentralization in the ocean freight markets

Ocean Freight Rates Benchmarking Index

Oceanus is a community-driven ocean freight rates decentralized benchmark for the price of moving the major raw materials by sea.


Freight Forward Agreements Derivatives Exchange 

We introduce tokenized FFA futures contracts to minimize the risks associated with the volatility of price cargo shipments.

 Ocean Freight Procurement and Trading Platform

Our P2P marketplace is powered by an AI-Intelligence Layer which will help you secure the best contract, while it offers market insights, freight rate indications for both Charterers and Vessel Owners.

Origin Agnostic Ship Registry Protocol

Our platform will serve as an origin-agnostic public ledger for facilitating digital registration and allowing easier data modification to help users escape the shackles of manual ship registry.

                                                Issues in the Bulk Maritime Industry 

Market Undervaluation Tendencies

As a result of:

  • Personal intuition and belief about industry trends
  • Over-reliance on competitors’ actions

  • Dependence on information provided by brokers

Manual Information Processing

Which translates into:

  • Untimely information due to archaic approaches
  • Inaccurate information as a result of human error
  • Inefficient processes
Lack of a Publicly Audited Framework

Which results in: 

  • Inaccurate freight metrics

  • Reliance on “market expert approximation”

  • Limited number of information providers

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The development of Ocean Freight Related Derivatives Market


One of the other major instruments being used in the maritime industry is Freight Forward Contract for hedging the risks associated with the volatility of price of cargo shipments. A forward contract is a private agreement between two parties giving the buyer an obligation to purchase an asset (and the seller an obligation to sell an asset) at a set price at a future point in time. The assets often traded in forward contracts include commodities like grain, precious metals, electricity, oil, beef, but foreign currencies and financial instruments are also part of today’s forward markets. 

A Forward Freight Agreement (FFA) is a financial forward contract that allows ship owners, charterers and speculators to hedge against the volatility of freight rates. In simple terms, it bestows the contract owner the right to buy and sell the price of freight for future dates. In the shipping industry there are both over-the-counter and exchange traded derivatives, used for hedging or speculating on interest rates, commodity prices, freight rates, and other sources of risk.

Our Blockchain Trading Platform will make tokenized Forward Freight Agreements more appealing for investors and other speculators due to it’s liquid trading pool and low transaction fees compared to OTC markets, along the ability to short the market in order to profit from a prospective market decline which allows for high leverage ratios. Brokers will be those third parties interested in the intermediation of such financial transactions while Oceanus will bear the responsibilities related to operating the exchange.


How Oceanus is reserve hacking the Ocean Freight Markets?

 Introducing the first product of our Blockchain-Based Platform for the Physical Trade of Commodities and Raw Materials


Financial Markets 
  • Opportunity to gain exposure in the shipping industry
  • Liquidity in a new financial instrument
  • Speculation on short-term capital gains
  • No Physical Commitment
  • Hedge Risk from Market Volatility
Shipping Corporations 
  • Mitigation of Risk
  • Expediency
  • Liquidity in Contracts
  • Low Transaction Costs
  • Alternative Low-Cost Financing
  • Lock in Freight Rates
  • Highly competitive market pool
  • Equal Market Opportunities for smaller firms
  • Transparency
  • Freight Arbitrage Opportunities
  • Better Management of available cash flows
  • Mitigate risk from spot market volatility
  • Better market position to negotiate rates
  • A distinct advantage over using outdated pricing predictions
  • Availability of forecasting information

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                                                             Why now?

Technology Evolution 


  • Automatic data processing
  • Transparency and authenticity
  • Comprehensive and actionable information
  • Decentralized community-driven trustful Index
Industry Challenges
  • Manual submission and processing
  • Lack of transparency in reviewing data authenticity
  • Information for a limited number of routes
  • Exchange derived index

    Looking Forward –

    At the middle of 2019, with our focus on launching shortly our Minimum Viable Product and raising the funds to move forward with the Adoption and Maturity phase, we target the Asian markets.

    Our team is now consulting numerous shipbrokers and bulk maritime shipping firms to plan the first indexing of Ocean Freight as a commodity, while we move forward with the execution of the first on-chain freight auctions. As soon we will finish it’s product-market fit validation we are preparing for global expansion.

    At the same time our team is already working closely with a European Maritime Authority to produce  a working demo for our Ship Registry Protocol on top of Oceanus Public Ledger.

    Oceanus roadmap is ambitious and we are developing together with industry leaders, despite the early phase of our technologies.We aim to continue that progress by becoming a trustful next-generation protocol to bring transparency, liquidity, risk mitigation, stability in the ocean freight markets, while we set the foundations to transition to other commodities procurement like energy, air freight, Big Data, and alternative commodities markets. 

    Message from the CEO

    Our Key Market Focus 

    Among the key markets where we are considering the establishment of our index are Shanghai/Pudong Shipping Exchange, Singapore Exchange, The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong,Tai- wan Stock Exchange, and Labuan Financial Exchange. We are also considering other smaller market like Athens Exchange, Cyprus Stock Exchange, and the Malta Stock exchange which have long-nautical history and tradition, while the latest is among the most friendly block- chain nations. 

    We invite ShipBrokers, C-Level Executives from Shipping Firms, Maritime Authorities to provide us their feedback today

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    Industry Recognition

    Our innovative approach and ability to provide a public verifiable data-driven ledger constitute Oceanus as the leading Freight Rate Benchmarking Indices and Liquidity Layer to mitigate risks associated with the ocean freight rates volatility, 

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    We have been quoted by leading media -which identify Oceanus among the most promising Blockchain Startups focusing on accelerating solutions for the shipping industry. 


    Oceanus has been among the TOP 10 finalists in Blockchain Accelerators, and featured on leading Consensus conferences,

    Working with Institutions & Financial Authorities

    Oceanus is working closely with Financial and Maritime Authorities to receive a regulatory status required to approach Institutional Investors. 

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