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Made to disrupt the shipping industry

There are many, sometimes scattered, groups applying blockchain and DLT in the shipping industry. In this white paper we propose a comprehensive, industry wide, approach. We present the Oceanus Foundation to create and oversee development of a community within the shipping industry. The backbone of this work will be a blockchain and token that allow the industry to reinvest in itself and return value to actors who make significant contributions to the community and industry.


Top 10 controlled fleets Based on total Gross Tonnage controlled by parent companies located in these countries and territories

About 90% of world trade is carried
by the international shipping industry
There are around 50,000
merchant ships trading internationally,
transporting every kind of cargo.
1 million
The world fleet is registered in
over 150 nations, and manned by over
a million seafarers of
virtually every nationality.
Japan (131,955,001)
Greece (118,089,051)
Germany (85,371,604)
China (67,156,101)
United States (42,982,683)
United Kingdom (40,700,626)
Norway (33,794,824)
Republic of Korea (29,547,097)
Denmark (26,445,159)
Hong Kong, China (23,427,839)

Oceanus is the leading industry expert for developing and deploying such implementation and is positioned to modernize the single most important backbone of global commerce.

The goal of the Oceanus Foundation is not to compete with the existing cryptocurrencies. Rather, the goal is to provide support and solutions to the shipping industry through blockchain technology. The aim is to build actual value and substance that provides solutions and supports all the players in the shipping world.

Our Actions


Trading platform for vessels bookings
The OCEANUS Foundation will develop a decentralized booking platform that connects small and medium sized shipping business to clients actively seeking to fulfil shipping contracts. The OCEAN coin will be the currency that facilitates commerce on the platform. It will also form the basis of an innovation platform on which further technologies can be built
  1. A marketplace to match shipping offers and requests
  2. Freight Tracking
  3. Brokerage
  4. Logistics Dashboard


Industry accelerator based in Piraeus Port
A core responsibility of the OCEANUS Foundation will be to administer a venture fund supporting startups in the shipping, maritime and port technologies. The fund will provide dedicated expertise with experience across the shipping and maritime industries - to provide insight and support to new ventures.


Hackathons and innovation bounties
To encourage and support innovation in the shipping industry, the OCEANUS foundation will run regular Hackathons and provide innovation bounties. Hackathons will be conducted in collaboration with industry leaders and groups traditionally outside the maritime sphere.

The core of this initiative is the funding of an innovation hub in Estonia. Estonia was chosen for its startup friendly regulation, economy and labour market, along with friendliness to cryptocurrencies and blockchain innovation.
The technical arm of the foundation will be funded to provide bounties to encourage developers to solve key problems for and improve key aspects of maritime technical infrastructure.


Seafarer Academy
Based in Piraeus the OCEANUS Seafarer academy will set new standards in Seafarer training and assessment. Practical training courses will contain shipboard, shipyard and dockside training. Programs will be designed and conducted in collaboration with shipping, harbour and equipment providers to ensure practical and up to date training for the world’s seafaring workforce.

Tuition at the Seafarer Academy will be paid in OCEANUS tokens. This is a unique industry self-supported model. This model is central to the concept of the coin and institute - using industry activity to invest back into the industry.

In combination with the OCEANUS Maritime Institute the academy will implement and assess new standards and best practices in shipping. This will provide marketable skills to seafarers and a skilled and capable workforce for the industry.


Seafarer Insurance Company
The largest component of these welfare programs will be the establishment of a seafarer's insurance cooperative. Seafarers deserve the same care and concern, the same right to benefits, the same access to the best medical treatment, the same security expected and enjoyed by those who work ashore. This is the vision that has inspired Oceanus Foundation.

For too long the tough life of the seafarer has gone unnoticed. This is slowly changing. Legislation is bringing reform and improvements to working conditions, and Oceanus Foundation Insurance will support this moment in a tangible way. Oceanus Marine Insurance is a single insurance policy embracing today’s needs and benefits; personal to the seafarer, yet paid by the employer. A seafarer’s insurance can, finally, match that of the shoreside employee.

Already in development, from the outset collaboration with the Maritime Community has been fundamental to Oceanus Marine Insurance’s development. Discussion with representatives of both employers and employees has engendered enthusiasm and support, and the collegiate approach will continue to underpin Oceanus Marine Insurance’s future growth.

We will develop Insurance products that recognise the needs, concerns and differing legal requirements of seafarers and from those who serve in the commercial shipping community and those aboard pleasure yachts.


Maritime, Shipping, Port Studies College in Piraeus Greece
Degree and post-graduate courses in all aspects of the maritime and shipping industries. Particular focus on new technologies and maritime law.

The foundation will also provide scholarships and financial support for students wishing to undertake studies in the area. This will help provide a diverse and skilled workforce for the industry for the future. As with the Seafarer Academy, tuition will be charged in OCEANUS tokens, supporting the industry from within.

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Athanasios Christopoulos

Community Manager

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Oceanus Accelerator Development Manager

Kiril Mitrov

EU Legal Consultant

Melpomeni Arampatzi

Oceanus SEA Foundation Manager

Vivian Kostopoulou

Lead Finance Officer

Argyris Prosilis

Technical Core Project Manager
The founders of Project Oceanus are advised by several cryptocurrency and blockchain experts, as well leading European shipping, legal and accounting firms. Are you interested in blockchain technology? Would you like to be a part of a challenging but rewarding project? Do you think Oceanus Foundation could benefit from your contribution? Are you driven by the same passion? Please contact us! Email us hello@oceanus.tech or join our Slack channel to communicate with our team!

Advisors team and Ambassadors

Andreas Panayiotou

Architecture Advisor

Brennan Bennett

Blockchain Advisor

Ibrahim B. Anoba

Development Ambassador

Maria Arampatzi

Educational Advisor

Maria Ververi

Maritime Lawyer

Sebastian Ayala Viteri

Ambassador Latin America

Tsolmondorj Natsagdorj (Tsoma)


Venkatesh Geriti

OCEANUS charitable foundation advisor


Youth Business Network

YBN , is a network of young people active around the world aimed to contribute to competitiveness and regional growth through an entrepreneurial mind-set in the next generation.Developing a method for mapping prerequisites for promoting youth entrepreneurship in regional development policies and in education systems. Conducting interregional mapping and a joint interregional analysis where similarities, differences, strengths and weaknesses are identified. The potential partners in this endeavour include educational institutions, embassies in host countries, governments, private sector and individuals. It will be achieved by creating awareness, organising debates, providing opportunities for practical business start-ups and facilitating peer partnerships.


Association of International Relations Students

Association of International Relations Students (AIRS ) is a leading organisation empowering the next International Relations graduates .



Student Academy is a new initiative developing an interactive, user-friendly information point to help prospective student make the right decisions about their future education by comparing different universities, courses and programs.


Piraeus Transformation Forum

PTF is a brand new initiative created from Piraeus citizens aiming to transform the biggest port city in the Meditteranean by building sustainable synergies between Port authority , private sector, citizens forum and representatives from the municipality.


The Biz Plan

The Biz Plan accompanies individuals in reorienting their careers, teams in rebuilding cohesion, organisations in reviewing their strategies and startus to grow …rn

We are constantly looking for new partners, as they are key factors in our success. Our corporate philosophy is founded on the belief that local partners are often the best resource for local solutions that support long-term projects like Oceanus Foundation, so we are always looking potential partners to join our initiative. For more information on partnering with Oceanus Foundation, or to introduce yourself to our team, please send us an email : support@oceanus.tech

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